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Big News From Marr Street Productions!

The Downtown Playhouse, a beloved institution in the Pocahontas community, has officially announced its closure. However, the end of an era does not mean the end of local theater. Marr Street Productions, a passionate team dedicated to the arts, will be taking over and continuing the legacy.

For many years, The Downtown Playhouse has been a cornerstone of our cultural landscape, known for its captivating performances and unwavering commitment to the arts. Its closure is a poignant moment for both the artists who graced its stage and the audiences who were moved by their talent. Nevertheless, thanks to the dedicated team at Marr Street Productions, the legacy of The Downtown Playhouse will continue to thrive. Marr Street Playhouse, formerly The Downtown Playhouse, will continue the tradition of providing the community with top-notch theater experiences.

While the faces and leadership behind the scenes may change, the commitment to quality entertainment and community engagement remains the same. Marr Street Playhouse intends to honor The Downtown Playhouse’s rich history by preserving its core values of artistic excellence, inclusivity, and a deep connection with the audience. Expect to see a diverse array of shows, including classics, contemporary works, and innovative original productions, at Marr Street Playhouse. The organization is committed to creating a platform for our students and local artists to showcase their talents and contribute to the flourishing arts scene, which will become a source of community pride.

The support of loyal patrons, volunteers, and donors will be instrumental in ensuring the success of Marr Street Playhouse. The organization invites the community to be part of this exciting new era in local theater by contributing through sponsorships, purchasing tickets, and tax-deductible donations. Your generosity will help sustain and advance the arts in our community.

The lights will continue to shine brightly on Marr Street, and the magic of live theater will thrive once more. The legacy of The Downtown Playhouse is secure, and the stage is set for Marr Street Playhouse to create its own unforgettable moments in the years to come.

Celtic Nights - Winter 2024

The Diary Of Anne Frank - Fall 2023